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The vision of CHMS is to become a true partner in the success of our clients by providing significant expertise, outstanding service, and an unwavering commitment to achieving the goals and objectives of the organization.

We are guided by three core values: Integrity, Excellence, and Commitment.

Integrity – All staff members will conduct themselves in an honest and principled manner.

Excellence – We will strive to provide the highest level of professional services on behalf of our clients.                  Commitment – We are fully dedicated to the success of our association partners.                             


Capitol Hill Management Services has developed significant expertise in all aspects of association management including:

Executive Director Services

CHMS currently provides Executive Director Services to various organizations. The Executive Director reports directly to the Board and is responsible for carrying out all directives of the Board. Utilizing his/her significant experience in association management, the Executive Director makes recommendations to the Board regarding best practices in the association management industry, strategies for growth, future initiatives, and opportunities.


As the main point–of–contact for the Board, all association work is assigned to the Executive Director who may call on members of the CHMS team for assistance, thereby assuring that all work is completed in a timely manner. The Executive Director oversees all work and is responsible for the delivery of quality services to our association partners. If desired by the leadership, the Executive Director may act as the “public face” of the organization.


CHMS professional staff is experienced in handling all functions of an organization. We currently provide administrative support to over 56 organizations around the world. We continuously update our technology and review our policies, procedures, and operational systems in order to ensure the highest level of excellence and efficiency in our services. 

Giving a Presentation
Association Headquarters

CHMS will establish your organization's business office and assign an Association Manager as your main point-of-contact.

  • Mail will be delivered to CHMS

  • CHMS will receive and answer calls in your association’s name

  • The association’s main e-mail addresses will be managed to ensure that all daily communications are handled

  • CHMS technology and meeting spaces are available for the association’s use

Administrative Services

An Association Manager will be assigned to your organization and will work at the direction of your Board of Directors. The  Association Manager will provide full administrative support to your organization.

  • Maintain membership database

  • Assist with membership recruitment activities

  • Prepare all mailings

  • Answer all calls and respond to member inquiries and requests

  • Schedule board meetings, prepare board packets, and provide full support to the Board of Directors and committees

  • Provide member communications 

Typing on a Computer
Electronic Publications

CHMS will work with your organization to provide consistent and effective communication to your members.

  • Prepare and distribute e-blasts

  • Prepare and distribute newsletters

  • Maintain your organization's website


CHMS's Bookkeeping Services offer an extraordinary level of timeliness and accuracy while you maintain full authority and control. Supervised by our Vice President for Finance & Operations, CHMS will provide a complete package of services.

  • Provide membership billing

  • Manage accounts receivable and accounts payable

  • Prepare monthly financial statements

  • Provide timely and accurate grant reporting

  • Assist with budgeting

Conferences and Events

CHMS successfully plans and implements conferences, conventions, trade shows, and events throughout the world.

In the age of COVID-19, CHMS has proven its value in pivoting planned in-person events to either successful hybrid or virtual models.


  • Plan and produce events and conferences

  • Produce promotional materials

  • Coordinate with event site

  • Produce event materials

  • Provide follow-up and support for speakers

  • Assist in preparation of sponsorship packets

  • Provide follow-up and support for vendors

  • Manage registration

  • Provide onsite management of the event

  • Provide all necessary services to ensure a quality event

CHMS is accredited by IATAN, the International Association of Travel Agents Network. 

Board of Directors

CHMS provides complete management of Board, Executive, and Committee Meetings on behalf of our clients.


This includes:

  • Arranging for location/call

  • Preparing all documents

  • Providing meeting notices

  • Taking and preparing minutes

  • Participating to the extent desired by the Board.

  • Staff plans, produces, and participates in Board  Retreats as required.  

Financial Report
Financial Management

CHMS offers a level of accounting expertise not often available to non-profit organizations and associations at a cost-effective price. CHMS uses an online banking program that allows your Treasurer or President to retain complete authority and control over your finances while the day-to-day operations are provided by a skilled accounting team.

Certification, Testing, and Education

CHMS manages continuing education, certification, and professional licensing for a variety of professions. CHMS can provide your organization with a complete testing or certification program designed specifically to meet your professional requirements. 

Certification, Testing, & Education services include: 

  • Pre-Examination Administration

  • Examination Preparation and Production

  • Site Coordination

  • Post-Examination Administration

  • Reports and Analysis

  • Continuing Education Management 

  • Administrative Services

Video Conference
Committee Support

CHMS works with many national and statewide organizations to provide strategic, administrative, and financial management support to an association’s committees, task forces, and work groups.

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Membership Development and Retention

CHMS provides membership support to  our partner-associations. This includes membership recruitment and retention, attraction activities, and events. We  assist organizations to stabilize and grow their membership. We provide an outstanding level of service and support to members; maintain accurate and current databases; and manage timely and effective communications with members and boards of directors. CHMS has proven strategies for recruiting new/younger members, such as the use of social media to reach and engage this important constituency.

Stang-up Meeting
Affiliate/Related Organizations Support

CHMS understands the importance of building and maintaining solid relationships with related organizations and works to support those efforts. We also offer expertise in developing component local organizations, whether regions, chapters or units.

Meeting Room
Strategic Planning

CHMS has provided strategic planningservices to dozens of associations. We begin with an assessment of the organization's current status, review opportunities for improvement and growth , and develop strategies to achieve goals and objectives. Throughout the year, the Executive Director will continuously review established goals and progress, and work with the board of directors to position the association according to the plan.

Marketing, Communications,
& Public Relations

Frequent and effective marketing and communications are essential to building a dynamic organization with committed members. CHMS uses a variety of methods to engage and inform association members. These include the maintenance and promotion of a dynamic user-friendly website, scheduled email blasts, member alerts, social media, and digital or print newsletters. CHMS develops a complete marketing plan for each organization designed to enhance the visibility of the association , increase membership and sponsorship support, and reinforce planned messaging. In addition, we remain alert for and seek out earned media opportunities on behalf of our association partners.

Marketing, Communications,
& Public Relations
CHMS Images for Wix (4).png

CHMS provides scholarly publications to members. We typically coordinate with a third-party publisher, providing administrative coordination and support. CHMS is also responsible for the production of digital and print newsletters for the majority of our association partners.

Publication Support
Publication Support
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