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CHMS is a successful and well respected Government Relations and Strategic Public Affairs firm. Established 40 years ago, CHMS has decades of experience providing superior service and solid results to our clients. CHMS' expertise is tailored to fit clients ranging from major corporations to associations and small non-profit organizations.  At CHMS, each client receives individualized service. We recognize the importance of our clients’ needs and dedicate our efforts to achieving them. 

CHMS is located in Albany with convenient access to the New York State Capitol. Our team’s constant presence at the New York State Capitol allows us to successfully navigate all facets of State government and engage decision makers to achieve results. Our knowledge of the policy-making process and relationships with high level officials have proven to be invaluable to our clients. CHMS is known for our strategic judgment and understanding of the political process. Successfully advocating for our clients is what the CHMS team does best.

Our full range of services can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization and include:

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NYS Government Relations

As the actions of government have increasingly broad and far-reaching impacts, respected and competent representation at the State Legislature, the Executive Chamber and New York State agencies has become critical to the future success of any organization. CHMS staff, with our extensive experience interacting with lawmakers, policymakers and their staffs, provides our clients with the well-respected and effective representation necessary to obtain their goals. Our talented team works closely with our clients to develop and implement a strategy for achieving their policy goals.


Lobbying is one of the most critical aspects of the portfolio of services offered by CHMS. Our lobbying efforts include contact with key members and staff of the State Legislature and Executive branch, preparation of memos, outreach campaigns, press releases, and interactions with all appropriate agencies or interest groups.  Our services also include research, bill drafting and preparation of proposed bills, and outreach to potential bill sponsors in both houses. CHMS staff keeps our clients informed at every step of the process and works to facilitate the flow of information between our firm and the client.

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Regulatory Affairs

Agency rulemaking affects not only the daily lives of New Yorkers but also the businesses, associations, not-for-profits, and organizations that operate in New York State. CHMS staff works throughout the year with numerous government officials and staff monitoring their regulatory and administrative actions, presenting client proposals and representing clients at meetings. Our staff utilizes their network of contacts, knowledge of the inner workings of the government and regular review of administrative publications to keep abreast of key initiatives. We work with our clients to develop comments on proposed rules, arrange meetings with agency officials and present written materials that clearly and accurately present a client’s position on proposed actions.

Grassroots Lobbying

Grassroots lobbying is an effective tool in developing contacts and developing consensus between legislators, their voters, associations, and businesses. Grassroots organizing has become an integral part of CHMS’s services. CHMS has assisted many of its clients in developing the means needed to support a client’s specific legislative initiative. This experience in developing grassroots organizations and melding them into a total government affairs program can mean the difference between the success and failure of any lobbying effort.


Legislative Monitoring

CHMS staff monitors all legislation introduced, legislative hearings, committee agendas, agency proposals, and government reports to ensure clients are fully aware of any proposal that may impact their business or organization. CHMS prepares summary reports for our clients to help ensure they have a complete understanding of all legislative matters affecting them.  

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