Archive: US COVID-19 Resources & Information

In the rapidly changing dynamics of combating the Cornonavirus, information is updated constantly. This archive is being provided as an additional resource for those seeking to learn more about how the United States Federal Government is addressing COVID-19.

President & White House Coronavirus Task Force Press Conference

  • Feds are working to get Americans out of Peru and Honduras.
  • Federal government is helping NY, CA and WA.
  • Through FEMA, funding 100% cost of National Guard presence.
  • States will have maximum flexibility to use the Guard and will free up resources.
  • President approved major disaster declaration for NY & Washington State (approved Friday).
  • Federal “medical station” approved for NY: 1,000 people (Cuomo announced earlier this will be executed at the Javits Center, 4 stations, 250 people each).
  • Waiving New York’s 25% state share of support for FEMA disaster declaration—Feds will pick up 100% of cost.
  • Health care supplies to NY and CA will be delivered within 24 hours.

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