NYS COVID-19 Executive Orders

Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed the following Executive Orders in response to the pandemic.

Order 202.70 - Extends ban on commercial evictions through January 1, 2021/Allows movie theatres outside of NYC to open effective October 23, 2020.

Order 202.69 - Allows the state to withhold funds for localities and schools in COVID-19 cluster zones that fail to enforce public health law. 

Order 202.68 -  Details the Cluster Action Initiative

Order 202.67 - Pertains to vehicle and traffic law for non-driver identification cards, vehicle registrations, and registration documents.

Order 205.1 -  Pertains to travel into NYS from any country with a CDC Level 2 or 3 health notice.

Order 202.66 - Extends until 1/1/2021 residential and commercial eviction moratorium.

Order 202.65 - Extends E.O.s 202.36, 37, 202.46,47, 202.54, 202.58, 202.59 through October 23, 2020.

Order 202.64 - Extends suspensions and modifications included in Executive Orders 202.22-26, 202.32-35, 202.44-45, 202.53, 202.57 through October 18, 2020./Pertains to commercial tenants for non-payment of rent & mortgages.

Order 202.63 - Extends various Executive Orders through October 11, 2020.

Order 202.62 -  Pertains to MTA compliance with Executive Orders.

Order 202.61 - Pertains to the opening of schools and COVID testing and reporting./Allows for indoor dining in NYC to resume on September 30.

Order 202.60 - Declaration of a State Disaster Emergency shall remain in effect through October 4, 2020./Anyone who travels to a state with an infection rate above the threshold will not be eligible for paid sick leave benefits./Authorizes schools statewide to be open for instruction subject to adherence to DOH guidance./Pertains to coroner/medical examinations of those who have expired & COVID and Influenza testing./Allows for casinos to open with restrictions effective September 9, 2020./Allows for indoor shopping centers to reopen in NYC effective September 9, 2020.

Order 202.59 - Extends for another 30 days Executive Orders 202.36-37 and 202.46-47 with some exceptions./Directs NYSDOH to develop emergency regulations for simultaneous testing of COVID and the Influenza.

Order 202.58 - Pertains to Election Law/Directs all county Board of Elections including NYC to send a mailing to all registered voters and submit a plan detailing staffing and staffing needs by September 20, 2020.

Order 202.57 - Allows bowling alleys and gyms to open./Pertains to proceeding or enforcement of an eviction for commercial tenants through September 20, 2020./Allows NYC to reopen indoor cultural activities.

Order 202.56 - Extends suspensions and modifications included in E.O.’s: 202.52, 202.31, 202.41, 202.42, 202.43, 202.52 through September 11, 2020. 

Order 202.551- Continues E.O.’s 202.55, 202.48, 202.49, 202.50 through September 4, 2020.

Order 202.55 - Pertains to Nassau County Administrative Code/Extends E.O.’s 202, 202.21, 202.27-30, 202.38-40, 202.48-50 through September 4, 2020. 

Order 202.54 - Pertains to Election Law/Property tax payments without interest or penalties is lifted.

Order 202.53 – Pertains to extending restrictions on re-opening in New York City. 

Order 202.52 – Food must accompany the purchase of alcohol for each individual being served.  

Order 202.51 – Extends to August 12, 2020/Executive Orders 202.31, 202.41 - 202.43/Public Library District Votes

Order 202.50 – Permits malls/indoor shopping areas in Phase 4 Regions of the state to open.

Order 202.49 – Extends to August 6, 2020/Executive Orders 202.15 - 202.21 and 202.29.

Order 202.48 – Relates to Criminal Procedure Law/Extends for another 30 days directives contained in Executive Order 202.28 relating only to commercial tenants or commercial mortgagor./Video lottery gaming, casino gaming, gyms/fitness centers, indoor shopping malls directives remain in effect until an Executive Order opening them is issued./Executive Order 202.41 is modified only to the extent that indoor food services and dining continue to be prohibited in NYC.

Order 202.47 – Pertains to Alcoholic Beverage Control Law/School District Budget Votes/Fireworks

Order 202.46 – Pertains to Election Law & Procedures in Face of the Pandemic

Order 202.45 – (Valid through July 26, 2020) Employees who voluntarily travel to states listed in the NYS Travel Advisory will not be eligible for paid sick leave benefits./ Regions in Phase 4 of reopening, indoor gatherings of 50 or fewer are permitted so long as the gatherings do not exceed 50% of the occupancy of the indoor area./Reductions and restrictions on the in-person workforce at non-essential businesses or entities shall no longer apply to Phase 4 industries, in eligible regions, including: higher education, film and music production, low-risk indoor and outdoor arts and entertainment, and professional sports without fans./Any previous directive that restricted operation of any industry, business or facility that is permitted to open in Phase 1-4 is superseded in so far that it is inconsistent with any Executive Order allowing businesses, industries and facilities to reopen./Allows for general hospitals to perform elective surgeries as long as current DOH criteria are met./States that all schools shall remain closed for in-person instruction except for special education services.

Order 205 – (In effect until rescinded by DOH Commissioner) Quarantine Restrictions on Travelers Arriving in New York State. 

Order 202.44 – (Extended until July 21) Pharmacists and COVID tests/DOH and dedicated birthing sites/Village or town elections/Labs to examine COVID tests from nursing homes and adult care facilities/Facilities to report positives to local health departments/Allows Health Commissioner to suspend or revoke nursing or adult care facilities not adhering to regulations/Allows support person to be present while birthing and for the duration of the patients stay. 

Order 202.43 – (Extended to July 18) Pertains to domestic violence lodging and expenses/Businesses must supervise the area within 100 feet of their business to ensure compliance preventing unnecessary congregation of people/Businesses must follow DOH and SLA guidance/Allows for appointment only in-person transactions at county-operated Department of Motor Vehicles in Regions in Phase 3.

Order 202.42 - Allows for gatherings of up to 25 people in Phase 3 regions. Social distancing protocols must be followed.

Order 202.41 - Allows for personal care services to open in Phase 3/Restrictions on the in-person workforce no longer applies for Phase 3 industries. As of June 12, the following regions are in Phase 3: Finger Lakes, Central NY, Mohawk Valley, Southern Tier, North Country. Additional regions will be incorporated into this E.O. without further revision to this E.O.

Order 204 – Establishing Juneteenth as a state holiday.

Order 203 - Pertains to Police Reform and Reinvention

Order 202.40 - Testing of nursing home personnel for Regions in Phase II/school district budget voting timelines.  

Order 202.39 - Extends absentee ballots for school board elections to June 16/School districts annual professional performance reviews of personnel

Order 202.38 – Allows commercial building owners & retail store owners to mandate temperature checks of individuals prior to entering/Restaurants and bars to serve patrons outdoors/Houses of worship to operate indoors at 25% capacity/Restaurants and bars to expand their outdoor premises. 

Order 202.37 - Allows special education services to be provided in person for the summer term. 

Order 202.36 - Allows for barber shops and hair salons to open in Phase 2/Auto racetracks to open/Outdoor low risk recreational activities to resume in Phase 1 as determined by ESD. 

Order 202.35 - Allows for Phase 2 industries to resume for the following regions: Finger Lakes, Central NY, Mohawk Valley, Southern Tier and the North Country. 

Order 202.34 Extends Phase 1/Holds-Off Phase 2 for the Finger Lakes, Mohawk Valley, Central NY, and Southern Tier Regions/This EO extends to June 27.

Order 202.33 Allows for 10 or fewer gatherings for any reason.

Order 202.32 COVID-19 Testing/Racetrack Opening/Drive-Ins/Religious Ceremonies/Vehicle Caravans

Order 202.31 – Directives for Nursing Homes and Adult Care Facilities from NYSDOH.

Order 202.30 –  Extension of Emergency Declaration/NY-PAUSE Extension for Regions Not Meeting Criteria

Order 202.29 Suspensions and modifications contained in E.O. 202.15-21 are extended until June 7.

Order 202.28 Extends Rent Moratorium

Order 202.27 –  Extension to Practice Profession Without NYS License

Order 202.26 –  Elections/Absentee Ballots/Village-School Board-Library Districts

Order 202.25 – Approval of Temporary Dedicated Birthing Sites

Order 202.24 Pharmacists & COVID-19 Tests

Order 202.23 Absentee Ballots/Special Elections/DOH & Nursing Homes

Order 202.22 Property Tax Payments in Nassau, Westchester Counties

Order 202.21 Modifies Directive of EO 202.20/Solemnization of Marriages

Order 202.20 Marriage Licenses/Extensions/Virtual Filings 

Order 202.19 Employer PPP Notice/State Testing Prioritization Process/Adult Care Facilities/State-Local Relations

Order 202.18 Medical-Health-Laboratory-Therapeutic Licensed Professionals/Statements-Waivers Professional Services 

Order 202.17 NY-Pause Extension to May 15/Face Masks-Coverings 

Order 202.16 Testing/Tenants/Political Party Meetings Postponed/Face Coverings

Order 202.15 Licenses & Pandemic Service/Public Hearings/Absentee Ballots  

Order 202.14 NY-Pause Extension to April 29/Penalties/Medical Inventory/Credit Reporting

Order 202.13 Elections/Stay at Home

Order 202.12 Presidential Primary/Special Elections/Support During Childbirth

Order 202.11 School Closings/Dispensing/DOH

Order 202.10 Healthcare Personnel & Non-Essential Gatherings 

Order 202.9 – Finance/Mortgage/ATMs

Order 202.8 – 100% In-Person Workforce Reduction  

Order 202.7 – Additional Reductions/Essential Service Industries

Order 202.6 – In-Person Workforce Reduction

Order 202.5 – Continuing Suspension and Modification 

Order 202.4 – Suspension and Modification

Order 202.3 – Suspension and Modification

Order 202.2 – Suspension and Modification

Order 202.1 – Suspension and Modification  




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