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In the rapidly changing dynamics of combating the Cornonavirus, information is updated constantly. This archive is being provided as an additional resource for those seeking to learn more about how New York State is addressing COVID-19.

From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing in the Red Room at the NYS Capitol:  

  • Governor scouting additional sites for overflow, 1,000 plus overflow in each of the downstate counties, in addition to simultaneously increasing current facility capacity (Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland).
  • Approved splitting of ventilators so that one ventilator can service two people.
  • Converting anesthesia machines into ventilators.
  • Shifting load from downstate hospitals to upstate hospitals, and expanding upstate hospital capacity.
  • Lost revenue estimated between $10B and $15B.  

Federal Stimulus Bill  For a further update on the bill, click here. 

  • Unemployment insurance, and small businesses addressed.
  • Does not help governmental losses, Governor described this portion as a failure, and irresponsible.
  • NYS gets $5B; earmarked only for COVID-19 expenses.
  • NYS Does not know how much revenues are down, do not know the forecast for economic activity, nor additional federal response.
  • State will adjust down revenue projections if needed.
  • Adjust the budget through the years to reflect the actual revenue, and adjust spending down accordingly to match the actual revenue. This will be on a yet-to-be determined schedule.   

TOTAL NYS CASES: 37,258 / NEW: 6,400 / DEATHS: 385 

  • Spread across the State continues.
  • Medical staff volunteering increased from 40,000 to 12,000 today.
  • Mental Health professionals volunteering increased from 6,175 to 8,600 plus.

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