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In the rapidly changing dynamics of combating the Cornonavirus, information is updated constantly. This archive is being provided as an additional resource for those seeking to learn more about how New York State is addressing COVID-19.

From Governor Cuomo’s press briefing in the Red Room at the NYS Capitol at 11:15 a.m.

  • NYC currently implementing social distancing plan:
    - closing streets to traffic for pedestrian use.
    - playground density reduction mandates.
    - no close contact sports, such as basketball.
    - if not followed, playgrounds will shut down.
  • Evidence is showing that the density control plan is working. The doubling of hospitalization rates is spreading out across more days than earlier in the week.
  • As of today, PPE demand is satisfied for the next couple of weeks, but 3 weeks out there will again be a need.
  • Federal Government committed 4,000 ventilators (yesterday, the number was 400).
  • Still working with feds for more ventilators, and still looking into splitting ventilators. Governor states that they have purchased everything that can be purchased.
  • Working with feds to find vendors and using Defense Production Act to maximize production.
  • 40,000 responses from "Surge Healthcare Force", the reserve healthcare workforce.
  • 6,175 mental health professionals signed up (hotline 1-844-863-9314) to provide services.
  • Working with feds on a rolling deployment plan (mentioned yesterday as a request) to meet needs of hot spots as they arise.  Redeployment of equipment, and personnel as state's needs decline.
  • Governor described the $2 Trillion bill as "terrible" for NY.  $3.8B for NYS, and $1.3B for NYC. Told the House to modify the bill. 

TOTAL CASES: 30,811 / NEW: 5,146

  • Westchester has dramatically slowed down.
  • 28% of testing in the nation is being done in NY.

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