Archive: NYS COVID-19 Resources & Information

In the rapidly changing dynamics of combating the Cornonavirus, information is updated constantly. This archive is being provided as an additional resource for those seeking to learn more about how New York State is addressing COVID-19.

Governor Cuomo has released the following updates and information:

  • Fed has decided to leave quarantine decisions to the states.
  • Feds need to nationalize medical supply acquisition.
  • States cannot manage this; they’re competing with one another for this equipment.
  • Federal Government needs to invoke Defense Production Act, mandating private companies to produce medical supplies (NYS does not have the power to do this).
  • Order factories to manufacture masks, gowns, ventilators.
  • Feds need to prioritize getting money into the hands of families who need to live.
  • Feds need to get money to governments.
  • Corporate subsidies (shouldn’t be a gift to corporations at taxpayers’ expense).
  • NYS has 15% more cases than any other state.
  • NY received no funding from first COVID-19 bill even though NYS has greatest need.
  • Congress needs to stand up and fight for NY.
  • Requesting that Army Corps erect temporary hospitals: 
    Stonybrook, Westbury, Westchester, Javits (these campuses have dorms where healthcare staff can stay).
  • NYS has approved this measure, from State’s end we could start construction tomorrow.
  • FEMA will erect 4 federal hospitals at the Javits Center (250 capacity each); FEMA hospitals come with staff and supplies.
  • We are ready as soon as federal government is ready to go.
  • President signed FEMA emergency declaration (75% federal government/25% state share).
  • NYS is requesting feds to waive the 25% (NY cannot pay this, no State can).
  • NYS has secured 70k hydroxychloroquine, 10k Zithromax, and 750k chloroquine (trial tests to start on Tuesday).
  • Feds need to test blood to see if you have antibodies needed to fight the Coronavirus (serological testing)


  • Expanding existing hospital capacity (GOAL: 100% expansion).
  • Waiving all NYS regulations to get this done.Mandate a minimum 50% increase in capacity (DOH order to hospitals).
  • Elective non-critical surgeries are cancelled effective Wednesday.
  • Taking over hotels and nursing homes and repurposing them.
  • 18-49 year old’s represent 53% of cases in NY.
  • Older people and people with underlying illnesses can die from this.
  • Need a plan from NYC leadership in next 24 hours to deal with ongoing density issues

Positive Cases: 15,168 / New: 4,800 TOTAL /  DEATHS: 114

  • Cortland, Madison, St. Lawrence Counties – NEW CASES.
  • 40%-80% will end up getting Coronavirus.
  • This is going to be 4,6,9 months (based off China’s experience).




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