Similar to other small business, associations are facing challenges during the current crisis. Many associations are facing the cancellation of revenue generating conferences which are vital to their financial health. CHMS will continue to work with clients to efficiently handle the tasks related to postponing or canceling events. Additionally, we are actively preparing clients to provide, where possible, alternative revenue generating events such as; online continuing education, networking events, and new content production to assist in bridging the gap left by lost revenue.

But revenue is only one side of the equation. Maintaining a control on expenses is just as vital during times of change.  Association Managers are working with our finance team to identify critical expenses and looking at options to delay and/or postpone any unnecessary spending.  Every expense will be scrutinized to ensure the expense aligns with any new directives from the Board.  CHMS will continue to assist our client-associations in managing their cash flow to ensure long term success.

The CHMS team is committed to assist in developing the short and long-term strategies required to see each association through the uncertainty that lies ahead.



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