"Virtual Reality": Using Technology for Connectivity and Support

COVID-19 is offering associations an opportunity to address how they can bring members and supporter together, at a safe social distance, and achieve both 1) offering hope and comfort to their members—people helping people—and 2) providing valuable membership services, such as virtual town halls, webinars, and continuing education/professional development offerings. 

CHMS has great experience utilizing and implementing online solutions—as a real “value-add” for associations and their members. We must use this new virtual reality in conducting the life of an association in the age of pandemic.  

Here are some example of how CHMS and our clients are using technology to combat COVID-19: 

  • Converting In-Person Events to Virtual Events – CHMS will work with an association to adopt a conference or event to a virtual, modular experience in order to maintain the event’s role in the life of the association.
  • Offering Virtual Gatherings – Sheltering-in-place takes away from the collective experience of association gatherings. It is important in times of crisis to maintain connectivity. Using platforms such as Zoom or GoToMeeting, offer virtual “Town Halls”, “Lounges”, or “Happy Hours” where members can simply gather to share how they are doing, or discuss a specific topic.   

  • Promoting Webinars and Continuing Education – With people working at home—and quite frankly—in need of focusing on something other than COVID-19—associations should step-up promotion of live or on-demand learning opportunities. Such knowledge experiences are a real value-add for members—and further connects members with their association.   



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